Powered by Lonely Forest Project

LFP is based in Hamburg City where they make big and little events.
LFP and the artists wants to give back some emotions of the events to the lovely crowd.


LFP Wundertute 02-2011Download

Die Wundertute 2011 – Includes tracks by Necmi, Dansko, Maligne, Chemical Abstract, Error in Dimension and more…

LFP 5 Years 2010Download 1414

LFP 5 Years 2010 – Fused with Maligne, Dual Effect, Chemical Abstract and more… Compiled by DJ Goazilla.

LFP Berlin Connection 12-2009Download 1268

LFP Berlin Connection 2009 – presents Crux (Japan), Volu-men, Psyshuttle, Hatikwa, Pardauz and C.U.B from Munich.

LFP 4 Years 2009Download 1165

LFP 4 Years 2009 – The fourth anniversary of LFP was celebrated with the very first release of a free download compilation.

LFP Dark Edition 2009Download 875

LFP Dark Edition 2009 – Including trax from: System Crash, Axonic, Digitalist, HysterixX, Aodioiboa, -Z- and more..


AZKA Remix at DANSKO – Exceptional Skills

2nd Album of Dansko, powered by Multiplex Records


DANSKO - Exceptional Skills Album 2012Download

Multiplex Records is a netlabel for psychedelic trance music founded by WeaselSon and Rypzylon. A base for friends of good psymusic where unknown artists provide there music and reach listeners worldwide without knuckle down by lead labels perception of announced sound.


Ænterdimensional Vol. 1: Gaia Reactor

Compiled by Djedi Miriji, powered by Ektoplazm Records


Ænterdimensional Vol. 1: Gaia ReactorDownload

Rising up from the global psytrance underground, Ænterdimensional Vol 1.: Gaia Reactor is the brainchild of Djedi Miriji of Algorythmix. This is a truly collaborative project; every track was written with the input of two producers, both of whom supply original material that is then reworked and completed by one of the pair…


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